First Impressions Of
The Horizon Memory Craft 12000


Gotta have it!

"How exciting is the new Janome Memory Craft 12000? It's THAT exciting -- and mwah has placed her order for one. You betcha! I CAN'T WAIT to get my grubby little fingers on it. Why? Well here's MY top 10 list of reasons: (She counts down the reasons 10 through 2.) And the #1 reason???? drum roll...

#1. It's the latest and greatest technology babee! Gotta have it!"
--Cynthia Runs With Scissors Blog

Doesn't Slow Down To Do Its Biggest Embroidery

"The new Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 has large hoops. That has often meant slower embroidering, but not on this baby! Watch it embroidering at 1,000 stitches per minute. Also see it cut the jump stitches just right so that the thread buries when it starts the next section."

Instant BFFs

"The only sad part about my Horizon Memory Craft 12000 experience was that I got to play with it for just one day; then it had to go back to the engineers in Japan. But, man-oh-man, we were BFFs for that day!"

It’s beautiful! And it’s huge.

"Wow. It’s beautiful! And it’s huge. Wait until you see the size of the hoops! . . . Oh! It has an extra light you can pull out and adjust to point right down at the needle. And it has a magnifying class you can attach so you can see the needle area better. And the straight-stitch plate is EASY to CHANGE! No SCREWS!!!!"
--River Place Quilt And Sew Blog

Hoorah! Finally, a bigger hoop!

"It is fabulous, to say the least! I can tell you it has 4 hoops, with the largest being about 9 x 12! Hoorah! Finally, a bigger hoop! It is also a magnet hoop, so it is easy to use! It has the styling of the Horizon 7700 – so a long 11″ arm on the right of the needle, and 5″ to the left of the needle! Huge bed! There is also new software that comes with the machine to be able to edit all your embroidery designs and create your own stitches on your computer that is attached to the sewing machine."
--Quilter's Destination News