Sewing Good

Sewing Good:
Using The New Machine To Help Others

These stories rarely make the evening news. But we find out about them through the Internet or passed on to us by our dealers. They often go like this: A group of friends, who sew on Janome machines, will spend many hours creating the most beautiful quilts, or little girls' dresses, or adaptive clothing for hospital patients--and then give it all away to people who need it most.

Sometimes it's to encourage American children whose lives have been disrupted by a natural disaster. Sometimes it's to show love for our wounded soldiers and their families. Or sometimes it's to reach out in compassion to parents who have lost an infant. In all cases it's made us very proud that our machines could play a part.

When we thought about how to introduce the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, we knew that many of our customers who would buy it were already using their amazing creativity to help others. So we thought that charitable sewing, quilting and embroidery would make a fitting theme.

We found a group of real Janome customers with different sewing backgrounds (home dec, garments, quilting, and even professional work for an opera company) and gave them the tools to create a new nursery for a deserving family.

You can see the whole story in our video series.

We hope their story inspires you to reach out to others with your sewing skills. And then let us know what happened. You can submit your story through our Sewn With Love page.