Horizon Link™
Detailed Specifications

Stitch Flexibility

The Memory Craft 12000 gives you more ways to express your unique vision in thread. Whether your stitching choice is sewing, quilting, embroidery or all the above – you have complete creative control.



Embroidery Precision Across Large Designs

No matter how big the surface, each stitch of every motif is exactly where it’s supposed to be. The large design on the duvet and shams pictured here looks continuous, but was actually placed using a number of hoopings. Perfect, precise and, thanks to Janome’s signature ease-of-use, something anyone can master.
Free Motion

Free Motion Quilting Is Easier Than Ever

Smooth operation is what makes Free Motion Quilting so addictive. But, it’s precision control that makes it easier than ever. The machine automatically detects fabric thickness, and raises your FMQ foot to the proper height. Adjust manually for personalized control, for instance, lowering slightly for more drag.
Original Stitches

Create Your Own One-Of-A-Kind Stitches

There’s never been a Janome tool like this. You can now use your PC to create original stitches from scratch. Or take existing stitches and alter them needle-drop by needle-drop. Your machine treats your custom creations just like built-in stitches; so you can edit, combine and save them to your machine or PC.
Stitch Chart

Stitch Chart on Inside Top Lid