Memory Craft 12000MC8900 QCP / MC8200 QC

Quilting - Sewing - PossibiltyWhen you’re doing something you truly love, you reach a point where you’re “in the zone.” You know the feeling we’re talking about. Everything else falls away, and it’s just you, the fabric, and the creativity. It happens when a machine makes your sewing experience so smooth and easy, so worry-free, it quite simply takes you away.



Learn more about some of the machine's top features and see how each one can make your sewing and quilting faster, easier and more creative than ever. You can also view highlights, review the standard presser feet, and compare the two models side by side.


Coming Soon!PROJECTS

The beautiful projects from our beautiful brochure are being made available for you right here! We've started with the gorgeous tunic and modern quilt, and we'll also be adding more creative ideas in the coming weeks and months.


Coming Soon!VIDEOS

We'll be adding videos along the way to showcase specific features, accessories and techniques, as well as live reaction as new owners and potential owners put the machine through its paces.



As excited consumers take delivery of their new Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP and 8200 QC machines and begin to work with them, we will be collecting and posting their comments, tips and techniques. Use the Contact Us form to let us know what you are hearing!

Download Brochure

DownloadDownload Brochure (PDF)

Download the current versions of the Memory Craft 8900 QCP brochure - includes info on the MC8200 QC Essential value model.