The latest MC9900 FAQs.

Transferring designs to CF card/USB memory Stick without software

CF card & USB Memory StickTransferring a design from your Janome Embroidery machine to a USB Stick without the use of Janome software is a simple process.

The USB stick size maximum to use with this machine is 8 GB. Please also note that the card should not be used as a storage device for all of your design files, this will slow down response time for your machine to retrieve a file.

To create the embroidery file system:

It is important that the embroidery file system be created on the USB media if you wish to bring a design from your computer to the embroidery machine. The easiest way to do this is to open any design on your embroidery machine, go to the edit function, and save the design onto your USB media. The machine will automatically created the folder and the save the design. This saved design will remind you of the location to save to.

You may also "format" the USB memory stick which will set up the correct folder. You will do this by going to the "set" screen, then page over and look for the "format" option. You will touch "yes" to format the particular memory that you are using.

To write the design to the USB card on your computer:

  1. Insert the flash media into your computer.
  2. Launch My Computer or Windows Explorer. Find the design on your computer that you want to write to the flash media. Right click on the design to get a pop-up menu. Click Copy.
  3. Maneuver to drive letter for your USB and double-click on it to show the EMB folder, and then double-click on the EMB folder so you see the Embf folder. Now, right-click on the Embf folder and choose paste to place your design into the Embf folder.

This is how it should look when properly setup:

PC Menu

Tip: If you wish to make your own custom-named folders, these folders need to be created inside of the EMB folder i.e. EMB>Flowers, the Flowers folder will contain your floral .jef files. Custom folders can be created on your PC in Windows Explorer. Once you have located the drive letter of your USB media, double-click on the EMB folder, you will see the Embf folder, right-click in a blank area and choose New>Folder, name the folder, now you can move .jef files into the folder using steps 1-3 above. Inside the EMB folder you will now see the Embf folder as well as your custom-named folder.

To read the design on the MC9900:

  1. Remove the flash media from your computer. Insert it into the 9900.
  2. Touch Embroidery Mode key.
  3. Touch the Open mode key.
  4. Touch USB Memory.
  5. Touch the Embf folder and choose your design.
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